4-H Leader Award Presented to 2003 Kemptville Grad

Harrietta ( Pilon ) Bretzler, 2003 Kemptville grad, has been awarded a 2020 4-H Ontario Outstanding Leader Award.This award recognizers 4-H club leaders who have volunteered with 4-H for less that three years and are doing outstanding things for the youth in their clubs. Harrietta is known for her warm smile and excitement that brightens the eyes of youth who learned new skills they didn’t think they were capable of. Kemptville grads from 2003 will remember their classmate who was President of the 2003 College Royal. 

Harrietta (Pilon) Bretzler

The Pilon and Bretzler families have many connections with Kemptville College. Harrietta’s husband Frank graduated from Kemptville in ‘95 and his two brothers also graduated from Kemptville. Ludwig in ‘94 and Jurger in ‘96 

Harrietta’ mom, Bernadine, graduated in 1977, her brother Jean-Jacques in ‘02 and her sister Valerie in ‘07. 

Harrietta and her husband Frank farm on the family dairy farm located in Crysler. Harietta enjoyed her many years in 4-H activities and now her children are are benefitting from the 4-H programs in Stormont County. 

In the picture, Rylan, Myla, Calum and Adella are standing in front of Frank and Harietta.