Why I Donated to the Alumni Historical Building

When I first came to Canada in ‘63, I was placed at the Willis Farm. That was a God send, especially as a newcomer to this wonderful country. I was immediately absorbed as a family member and Reg, being the same age, quickly became like a brother. A strong family bond was formed and I was never homesick – in fact I didn’t return to my homeland for seventeen years.

In 1965 I decided to go back to school and study agriculture since I had studied in that field for five years in Holland. Reg Willis encouraged me to attend KAS and the next two years were probably the most important years of my life. It was the right decision and with out a doubt, I would do it all over again. My intention was to farm, however to get into farming as an outsider, seemed impossible. 
I ended up in the landscaping business, which in my opinion, is the next best career to farming. I am still involved in landscaping , even at my age (75 ). I enjoy every day and have no plans on retiring. Having been blessed with good health and great satisfaction with the work I do, I will continue at a more relaxed pace.

I want to contribute to the Kemptville College Alumni Historical Building in recognition of the positive influence the college had on what transpired with my career after graduation, in memory of a good friend Reg Willis ’63, and I encourage others to contribute to this very worthwhile cause.

           Maarten van Hoeckel  
              A proud Kemptville College Grad

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