April Spotlight on 2008 Kemptville Grad

In 2008 Kevin Elshof graduated from Kemptville College. After graduation he worked and travelled in New Zealand and Australia with two schoolmates. In 2010 Kevin returned home full time to Therihof Jerseys. At this time, working with his parents Ria and Theo, they moved their purebred Jersey herd from a tie stall to a free stall. The new free stall accommodates 120 animals. Moving to the free stall meant they were able to double their quota holdings. 

Kevin Elshof

In 2016 they built an addition on the free stall to house heifers and dry cows. 2016 also brought wedding bells when Kevin married Marleen from Grand Valley. She moved here with her family from Holland in 2002. When Marleen married Kevin , she brought her flock of Rideau Arcott sheep with her and they are housed in the old barn along with the chickens that 3 year old Stanley and 1 1/2 year old Lydia  help look after. For a wedding gift they received a day old Holstein calf as a gift and now they have 10% Holsteins with their Jersey herd.

Kevin and Marleen work full time on the farm and Ria and Theo are still involved in the day to day work as well. Therihof Jerseys became incorporated in 2019 to include Kevin and Marleen so they could have more input in the future of the farm for themselves and the next generation.

Kevin is the class rep for year 2008 and is active in the St. Lawrence Valley Jersey Club and is on the Jersey Canada Youth Board. Dairy farming (and sheep farming) will remain progressive with an ambitious Kemptville grad.