April Spotlight  –  Linda and Kerry Carnegie

Linda ( Loughlin ) ‘73 grad, finished her Kemptville College courses in December 1972 and started work at the Pembroke Civic Hospital in January 1973. Kerry and Linda married that summer and moved to Kerry’s family farm. Kerry ‘68 grad worked at Kemptville College after graduation and also continued his studies, completing his degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in ‘73.

In 1984, Kerry took a position as Red Meat Advisor in Kemptville and the family – three children – relocated to Kemptville. Linda started work at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and later went to positions at Royal Ottawa Hospital, Winchester District Hospital and Glebe Centre. At the same time, she started catering, which spanned a 30-year period of events ( weddings, funeral, award banquets, conferences, and 7-course dinner parties ). The catering was a ‘hobby’ while working full-time hours.

While working at the Royal Ottawa, she also managed food service in their five related facilities. During her career Linda was very involved with both Provincial and National Food Service and Nutrition Associations.  She ended her ‘busy’ career life at the Rehab Centre under the Ottawa Hospital. Kerry was also very active at this time when in 1989, he became Ag. Rep. for Ottawa Carleton. From 2000 until his retirement in 2008, he was employed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Linda retired in 2012 and began her next career as ‘a volunteer’. Recently, she was honoured for volunteer services when she was presented with the Ontario Senior Achievement Award. This award is presented to 20 outstanding seniors across the province.

Linda Carnegie

Linda is presented with her award by Hon. Edith Dumont, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and Hon. Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility.

She was also recently honoured to receive the North Grenville Civic Award for Exemplary Work in Community. Linda’s years of dedicated service as a volunteer with Beth Donovan Hospice, Holy Cross Catholic School and Kemptville District Hospital are an inspiration and have made a difference in the lives of so many. Linda will tell you volunteering has given her a purpose. “you get more back than you give when you volunteer.’’

Linda and Kerry also have time for family. Their two sons, Shawn and Kyle, live in the Kemptville area and both work for the City of Ottawa. Their daughter, Amber, is in Petawawa and works for the Federal Government in Veterans’ Affairs. They are kept active with seven grandchildren, the eldest is 16 and the youngest, twins, are 4.

When you are asked to volunteer, remember Linda’s words, “ It is rewarding work, helps others in need and keeps your mind and days filled.” Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

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